Monday, November 1, 2010

What are the Odds? 2010's Double Dose of Twin Weddings.

As DJs, we strive to win business over the long-term and become the "family DJ." In 2010, I had the opportunity to become the family DJ for two unique families, but on an accelerated basis. The first, the Lohmann sisters (Holly and Julie) are twin sisters. They were both married in 2010 - Holly and Tim were married on April 17th, while Julie and Tyler were married on September 18th. Holly had her reception at the Olde York Country Club ( in Chesterfield, NJ, while Julie had hers at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms ( (also in Chesterfield). Both reception sites were amazing choices for their rustic country settings, great service and food.

I also had the opportunity to DJ the weddings of another set of twin sisters in 2010 - Jennie and Katie Serenelli. Imagine the excitement for the Serenelli family as both sisters were married in July! Coincidentally, Jennie and Chris had their reception on July 10th at the Olde York Country Club in Chesterfield, the site of the first Lohmann wedding! Katie and Marc's reception was held further south at the Pennsauken Country Club on July 31st.

Twin sisters tend to have similar personalities, and even musical tastes. At least, this was the case for Julie & Holly; and Jennie and Katie. I did take great care to avoid duplicating tracks from the other sister's wedding where possible. It was also nice to see many familiar faces during the second performance in each series. My recollection is that Holly and Julie are identical twins, while Jennie and Katie are not. Regardless, each twin sister bore an uncanny resemblance to the other - it was convenient that at each reception one sister wore a white wedding dress to help avoid any confusion!

My only regret is that I was unable to get photographed with each set of twin sisters - these photos would have made a nice addition to this blog entry. The photo below features Holly toasting her sister Julie at the Inn at Fernbrook Farms.

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