Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ambient DJ Photo Shoot - Behind the Scenes

Sunday, February 13th, Ambient DJs' staff of music mixologists gathered in Princeton for a company photo shoot. The shoot was conducted by Joseph K. Brown Photographers  ( who shot group shots at several locations, as well as individual bio shots.  These profesional images will be available in a week or two, and will replace the current photos on the Ambient DJ website (    Princeton was selected (a) given that it is close to our home base of East Windsor, (b) it is one of our favorite towns to work in, and (c) Princeton's prestigious image matches the prestigious nature of Ambient DJs' service offerings!

The first shot location was in Palmer Square, on the steps near the red door of the Nassau Inn (have you checked out the Nassau Inn's new website?).  The action then moved across the street to the Princeton University campus.  As the day unfolded, the cold bite of the winter weather became more apparent.  To counteract this, various tomfoolery commenced, including some behind the scenes candid shots!

I would like to thank DJs Iron Mike, Spinz, Greg Nice, Brian, Gil, Larry and Anthony... as well as Jamie and Irene, for being such great sports. The ultimate goal of this photo shoot is to have a more professional, uniform look in our marketing materials.  Stay tuned.... in a couple of weeks, we will post the professional images shot by Joseph K. Brown.

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