Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday Night Outing - DJ Francois K. in NYC

DJ In addition to being active performing disc jockeys, we all enjoy attending the performances of other DJs, particularly industry icons such as Francois Kervorkian, aka DJ Francois K. In addition to being informative (watching how DJs build their sets and work dance floors), it is immensely entertaining!

Last night I attended Monday night's "Deep Space" event at Cielo in New York City. The event is tagged as "an adventure into future dub, spacey vibes and abstract grooves featuring resident DJ Francois K." Actually, I've been meaning to check out this party for years, but always found a reason to miss it. Getting home at 4 AM on a worknight might have been the primary reason! My daytime unemployment status has solved this problem. Plus, it was DJ/Producer Francois K's birthday with no cover charge and free vodka drinks until 11 PM! For those of you not familiar, Francois is one of the New York house music pioneers - an industry icon.

Located on 12th Street in the meatpacking district, my first observation was that the club was much smaller inside than I'd envisioned. It was more like a cozy lounge than the cavernous, multi-roomed dance club that I'd expected. The dance floor, found in the middle of the rectangular room, was not particularly large - maybe 10 feet wide and 25 feet long. There were balloons on the ceiling above the floor, as well as various disco balls. Upon entry, the music was at low volume - deep house music, to set the mood. I collected my free vodka drink and chilled.

Francois K came on at around 11 PM. He kept it in a deep house groove, but still low volume. Some dancers ventured out, and at some point, the music just kicked in. It's been a long time since I've went out to hear a DJ who takes guests on a journey - so it was a very enjoyable evening. Deep house, Brazilian funk, lush electronic pieces, obscure Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan tracks - I barely recognized any of the songs, yet it was all fantastic! Great crowd with a very international feel- they were into the music and along for the journey. When the music got louder, it was warm and never uncomfortable to the ear. The lighting was subtle and complemented the music well.

What a great evening! I hope to do it again some time in 2010.

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