Friday, October 15, 2010

Ambient DJ Now Offers Dancing Under the Stars

Ambient DJ is proud to offer its clients the opportunity to dance underneath a breathtaking universe of twinkling stars and moving clouds. This effect is accomplished by a fixture known as the Bliss Light 15. This effect is most suitable for venues with high ceilings and unobstructed ceiling surfaces. The results are a "Wow Factor" effect that would be ideal for evening formal events such as weddings, Sweet 16s or Proms.

As per the manufacturer:

The Bliss Light 15 generates an enormous universe of stars over a windblown blue nebula cloud field. The beams radiate at 160 degrees from the lens, covering all surfaces from immediately in front of the projector to hundreds of feet away. The Bliss Light is equipped with newly developed laser and LED lighting elements and Multiphase High Resolution Holographic Optical elements on synchronous motors. It is carefully tested and FDA approved for its safe viewing of the laser beams up to a few inches of the lens.

Also, see the attached Youtube video of this effect in action:

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