Friday, October 15, 2010

A DJ's Poem

When's the last time that you read a poem about a DJ? The poem below captures the imagery of a hot dance party and what a good DJ brings to the table.

A DJ's Poem

Guests dance and move to the groovy sounds.
Lights twirl and twist as the speaker pounds.
"Hands in the air and pump your fists, now make some noise"
The DJ insists.
The crowd reacts in a frenzied state.
The wait staff dancing while clearing plates.
The floor is packed the room is hot.
Mr. DJ's showing what he's got.
Party people dancing with delight
As the music plays into the night.
The maestro plays a song request.
Another happy smiling guest.
The tempo moves to a slower pace
With couples dancing face to face.
The DJ plays the final song
Inviting all to sing along.
Out of nowhere you hear a shout
"One more song 'till they kick us out!"
The crowd erupts into a chant
"one more song" they rave and rant!
The DJ cues the next tune
As a danceable beat fills the room.
The song plays for a while then ends with a snap.
The crowd whistles and yells then dismiss with a clap.
I was a witness.
I watched it unfold.
The DJ played hits for the young and the old.
He played what they wanted missed not a request.
Yes, I am your DJ, thanks for being my guest.

Author - Unknown.

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