Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DJ Spinz Wins Ambient DJ Holiday Quiz

Congratulations to Christopher Smith, aka DJ Spinz, for winning the annual holiday quiz presented at the Ambient DJ holiday party. He scored 9 out of 12, and won a USB thumb drive encrusted in jewels (bling, bling!).

Here are the questions and correct answers:

1) Jesse Lambros’ Ambient DJ business card lists the following DJ name:

a) Stav the Greek, b) Stav da Freak, c) Jesse the Mind, d) DJ Jesse Nice.

2) In 2010, Ambient DJ used all of the sales/marketing strategies below except for:

a) direct mail, b) barter, c) billboard advertising d) WeddingWire

3) As of 11/30/10, the legal name of the company is:

a) Gregg’s Renaissance Entertainment Group (“GREG”), b) Ambient DJ Services LP, c) Ambient Deejay Service, d) Ambient DJ Service LLC

4) Who among the following did NOT perform under the Ambient flag in 2010?

a) Randy Jenkins, b) Larry Sargent, c) Brian Dzbenski, d) Greg Nice, e) none of these, they all performed for Ambient in 2010.

5) Which of the following organizations is Ambient DJ currently a member of?

a) NJDJN b) ADJA c) NRA d) all of the above.

6) True or False: In 2010 DJ Jagged coined which of the following as Brian Dzbenski’s “DJ Name”:

a) DJ Mercer da Ville, b) DJ Extreme, c) DJ Vice, d) DJ Brian Dee-Lite

7) In 2010, Ambient DJ’s biggest marketing folly (from a financial return perspective was):

a) bridal show at Windsor Ballroom, b) pizza box ad campaign, c) search engine optimization campaign, d) social media. Note: Trick question! The bridal show featured too many DJs and too few brides. The pizza box campaign was a breakeven proposition, but I would not do it again.

8) True or False: Ambient DJ was shafted on an $800 wedding fee in 2010 (i.e. bad debt). Despite the economy, there were no collections problems in 2010.

9) Which of the following locations did DJ Jagged NOT perform at in 2010?

a) Philadelphia, b) White Plains, NY, c) Manhattan, d) Massachusetts

10) Ambient DJ’s financial performance in 2010 (i.e., sales), featured:

a) decline of 5% b) growth of 0-5%, c) growth of 5%-15%, d) growth of 15%-plus

11) Which of the following is NOT a stated Ambient DJ strategy for 2011:

a) increased pricing, b) continued focus on presentation, c) intelligent lighting acquistion, d) video marketing (i.e., YouTube corporate site).

12) Correctly spell the name of the female rap artist whose recent track is called “Roman’s Revenge.” Nicki Minaj

** Tie Breaker #1:

Reveal the DJ name of my Southeast Asian DJ brother in NYC who I periodically perform with DJ Emm Bangkok (his real name is Emm Pakdee)

** Tie Breaker #2:

How many countries are found on the African continent? 54!

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