Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alternative Wedding Cocktail Hour Playlist

Wedding cocktail hours are a great time for couple's to stamp their individuality upon an event since there is no need to maintain a dance floor with recognizable hits.  Cocktail hour music should be atmospheric, creating a nice backdrop to enjoy cocktails and set the stage for the fun later in the evening. 

The following playlist was compiled for Nicole and Fred, who enjoy alternative rock/indie rock.

Awake My Soul -  Mumford & Sons
Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg
Out of Tune - Real Estate
Far, Far Away - Wilco
Valerie - Amy Winehouse
Lovesong - Adele
Somewhere Between Waking and Sleeping - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Space Maker - Air
I Have Seen - Zero 7
Karma Police - Radiohead
Blue Light (Engineers Anti Gravity Mix) - Bloc Party
Slow Show - The National
Colors - April Smith & The Great Picture Show
Naive - The Kooks
This Charming Man - The Smiths
Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People
Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun
Young Blood - The Naked and Famous
Funny Little Frog - Belle & Sebastian
All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem

Mumford and Sons
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  1. excellent playlist, gregg. i'm bookmarking this one. i love that foster the people fave this year so far. great taste you have! ;).

  2. Thanks Tara, your favorite, the Smiths, even made the list! I'm sure that you remember the horrible remix that we did!

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