Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Twitter - The Best of 2011

To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question!

Ambient DJ Service (Twitter Handle @AmbientDJs) tweeted heavily in 2011.  We fired off some 4,000 tweets (messages) during the year.  Many of these messages were links to blog entries while others were shout-outs to our favorite Twitter users.  Our most popular days to Tweet were on #MusicMonday and #WeddingWednesday.

I confess that when learning about Twitter a couple of years ago, I though that the concept was stupid.  How much information could be shared in the 140 character limit?  Did I really want to read drivel from the likes of Paris Hilton tweeting "Poppin' bottles at Pure with the Kardashians..."  Well, after giving Twitter a try, I came to love its rhythm, which is very different from Facebook or email.  Limited to 140 characters, the author of a tweet must distill a message to its very essence.

During the year, I purchased goods and services from businesses discovered via Twitter.  Similarly, Ambient DJ Service booked more than a few private events and weddings from those who got to know us on Twitter.  Importantly, Twitter helps to promote "top of mind awareness."

Listed below are 50 of our favorite Twitter Users of 2011. To make the list, users had to exhibit some combination of the following characteristics:

1) Presence - did they Tweet often enough for us to notice?
2) Content - were their Tweets interesting, informative or creative?
3) Interactive - did they take the time to respond to our Tweets or re-tweet our content?  

In drumroll fashion, here is the Best of Twitter 2011 list!  We have listed the Twitter handle followed by a category, and a quick summary.

@JerseyGoods (New Jersey) - Knowledgeable on wide range of NJ topics, great re-tweeter!
@AndrewDarlow (Photography) - Posts great technical tips, and shares awesome content.
@WedOnWheels (Weddings) - South Jersey-based wedding officiant with prolific Tweet action.
@FavorsByDorinda (Weddings) - Well-connected wedding favor pro who is quick to re-tweet (RT).  Also check out Dorinda's daughter Alyssa's Twitter account @Thx4Noticing Me (Social Media).
@njwedding (Weddings) - Erik Kent, head of njwedding.com, has his finger on the pulse of the New Jersey wedding industry, shares great information, and will RT quality content.
@WeddingWireEdu (Weddings) - Great source of business tips for wedding pros.
@Al_Ojeda_Photo (Weddings) - Al and Ida are great wedding photographers who love social media.
@CardBoxDiva (Weddings) - Marni Gold designs creative card boxes & loves to Tweet and RT.
@MondayFlowers  (Weddings/Floral) - Georgianne V. frequently tweets about weddings & Princeton.
@NassauInn (Weddings/Hotels/Princeton) - loves to Tweet on Princeton history, weddings and food.
@SheratonNJShore (Weddings/Hotels) - one of the most engaging banquet hall Tweeps.
@CruiseDivaNJ (Travel/Princeton) - Stacey K. posts great travel tips.
@LisaPhoto2_0 (Weddings/Social Media) - Lisa provides more shout-outs than a DJ!
@WeddingQuestion (Weddings) - learn the ins and outs of wedding etiquette.
@njwedofficiant (Weddings) - Celia Milton never forgets her Wedding Wednesday shout-outs!
@WeddingMusicPro (Weddings) - Gloria and Barbara are great resources for wedding music.
@PRforSmallBiz (Public Relations/Business) - Karina Alvela offers great tips for small business.
@JonMoore (Music Promotion) - Super Promoter Jon Moore helps DJs stay on the cutting edge.
@WehringerandCo (Social Media) - Tracy W. is generous to share tips and give RTs and +ks.
@PhillyCyberGeek (Social Media) - His geekery will improve your results from Social Media.
@RuhaniRabin (Social Media) - Celebrity Tweeter with great lists and tips.
@ScreaminLunatic (Weddings/Social Media) - An edgy and prolific Tweep who makes you think.
@MrsMoNJ (Public Relations/Princeton) - Well-connected Princeton-area Hilary Morris.
@SocialSavvyGeek (Social Media) - Informative articles on timely social media topics.
@kdevito (Social Media/Princeton) - Well-connected Princeton-area Katie DeVito.
@PREXMusic (Record Stores/Princeton) - The Princeton Record Exchange tweets about music.
@PrincetonAds (Princeton) - Interesting posts, frequent re-tweeter, and great website for free local classified ads.
@DJTimesMag (DJs) - The world's best DJ magazine.
@RollingStone (Music) - Read the stories behind the music.  Great lists!
@AmazonMP3 (Music) - Watch their Tweets for mind-bending bargains.
@KarlDetkenProDJ (DJs) - His Twitter graphic alone is worth the price of admission.  Great info on digital DJing.
@DJSkribble (DJs) - A DJ celebrity who is not afraid to interact with his fans.  Respect!
@DJShiftee (DJ/turntablism/dubstep) - Shiftee shares free mixes and informative blogs.  Get it.
@Nigel611 (DJs/Philadelphia/Real Estate) - Nigel knows techno, and Nigel knows Philly.
@DJCassidy (Celebrity DJ) - See which celebrity DJ Cassidy is rubbing elbows with this weekend.
@PhillyGG (Philadelphia/Music/Current Events).  A witty Tweeter with personality-plus.
@cmcandela (TV/Pop Culture) - prolific & fascinating Tweep who even Tweeted from her own wedding!
@80sMusicGirl (Music) - If 80s music is your guilty pleasure, then follow.
@BalloonsByRenee (Parties/Inspiration) - This fast-paced Manhattan Tweep always has your back.
@SorayaAgency (Bellydancing) - Soraya is not only a professional dancer, but a super-courteous Tweep!
@GSLDJs (DJs) - Get inside the mind of DJ Greg Nice with his rapid-fire, late night Tweets!
@DJChrisAtwood (DJs) - Follow the adventures of DJ Chris Atwood on Twitter #tigerblood
@TonyTeeNeto (DJs) - Voice-over artist, wedding DJ, business guru and quick to RT quality content.
@JasonJani (DJs/Social Media) - Follow the moves of the head honcho of SCE Event Group.
@HurricaneDJs (DJs/Social Media) -  Pioneers of the "new school" DJ movement in performance and marketing
@Manta (Business) - Posts frequent short, inspirational blogs to super-charge your business.
@8pmWarrior (Business) - Thought-provoking tweets on leadership, business, social media.
@Gitomer (Sales) - The King of Sales shares his success secrets.
@Humblebrag (Comedy) - profiles mostly celebrities who disguise boasts in a humble manner.
@BestWorstAdvice (Comedy) - outrageous posts that will make you laugh (or cry).

To follow any of these great Twitter personalities, type in www.twitter.com/ACCOUNTNAME.  For example, www.twitter.com/DJTimesMag.  Please follow Ambient DJ Service on Twitter by clicking here, and follow us on Facebook by clicking here.


  1. Similar experience here with twitter though with less tweets than you...
    Thanks for the mention Gregg !!!

  2. Thanks for including me in you post Gregg! Happy holidays and happy new year!

  3. Love these suggestions. As a wedding writer, i follow most of these people and have to agree they are pretty great and entertaining!

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