Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ambient DJ's Royal Wedding Special!

Let's face it, royal weddings don't come along often.  I have vague childhood memories of the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, watching it on a black & white television in my parents' kitchen.

With entire industries being formed around the upcoming Royal Wedding of William and Kate, why not join in the fun?


Couples who book a wedding with Ambient DJ between now and up until the wedding date (Friday April 29th) will receive these "royal" VIP benefits:

1) A discount for the British Pounds Sterling equivalent of US$100 from your wedding package;

2) A DVD of 2010's Best Picture - "The King's Speech";

3) The 2-CD set of Sir Elton John's Greatest Hits (1970-2002); and

4) A jumbo-size Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar.

Hope that this package captures your imagination!  To claim your Royal Wedding Special, contact Ambient DJ today at or 609.672.1270.  We promise to treat you like royalty!


  1. Who is going to be the dj for this royal wedding.
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  2. I had earlier heard that Elton John was going to sing at the reception; I'll bet that the reception will feature an orchestra or band; not a DJ! Too bad for them!

  3. The evening of the wedding, there was an afterparty at Buckingham Palace DJ'd by some lucky guy!

  4. This post is more than 10 years old. I am so nostalgic while seeing this. I remember seeing it then and forcing my parent to let me go for the Royal Wedding. Lol. I was in school at that time and now I am a professional writer who offers an
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    and the funniest part is my main reason for wanting to go to the Royal wedding was not seeing the Royal Couple but was to get a jumbo-sized Cadbury bar.

  5. The night after the wedding, there was an afterparty at Buckingham Palace, which was DJed by some lucky person.
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