Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ambient DJ Receives Endorsement from Dr. Frantz

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an unsolicited endorsement from Dr. Charles Frantz on Linked-In.   Dr. Frantz is an accomplished musician and teacher who operates his own conservatory, as well as  teaching at Westminster Choir College in Princeton.  Dr. Frantz also operates a business called Elegant Moods, LLC that provides piano and guitar music for private events such as weddings and corporate parties.  Charlie is a fellow member of the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“Gregg Hollmann heads a unique company in a most professional manner. Ambient DJ Service is not just another DJ company. With Gregg's considerable background in music, he and the people working for him tailor the music to fit the occasion. Not only does this require the choice the music, but also the actual blending of sounds (sonority) to create an atmosphere and mood suited to the event. Gregg is a kind and engaging person. I have a great amount of respect for Gregg Hollmann and Ambient DJ Service."


Charles Frantz Elegant Moods, LLC” - July 28, 2011

Thank you Charlie for the endorsement, and we are equally as impressed with the quality of your musical entertainment!  At a networking event last Fall, I had the pleasure of hearing Charlie perform on guitar - his sound was reminiscent of Kenny Burrell and enhanced the ambience of the event.

In a future issue of the Ambient DJ blog, we will be listing some of our favorite ceremony music selections.  This list will include some specific recommendations by Dr. Frantz!

Dr. Charles Frantz of Elegant Moods
To learn more about Charlie Frantz and view a video interview with performance clips, click on the following link http://trentonian.com/articles/2011/05/06/business/doc4dc42af74d000467345040.txt

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