Friday, September 2, 2011

Rise - Herb Alpert

Ambient DJs' last blog entry dealt with Michael Jackson, and particularly our love of his 1979 album "Off the Wall."  In that spirit, here is another favorite from that era, "Rise" by Herb Alpert, the title track of his 1979 album.  This song, with Alpert playing the lead part with a muted trumpet, has a great groove, and is a favorite of ours for a jazzy cocktail hour.  At over seven minutes long, it's also a great song for a DJ to step out of the booth for a bathroom break or to line up a bridal party.

Do you know what well-known 90s hip hop song sampled Herb Alpert's "Rise"?  The answer, of course, is the Notorious B.I.G.'s "Hypnotize," whose video is shown below.  Both songs remain alive and well many years later and could easily be "mashed up" by a crafty disc jockey!

Here's hoping that you "Rise" to the occasion this Labor Day weekend!

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