Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 Tips to Avoid Spoiling a Teen Dance Party

A teen dance party such as a Sweet 16 is a highly anticipated life event. Unfortunately, these parties can be spoiled by the unfortunate actions of a few. Left unchecked, these negative elements can result in a party being shut down early by the banquet staff (or police). Below, we offer five tips to ensure that your party is a stunning success!

Here are five party planning tips to ensure a smooth evening:

Tip #1- Acknowledge that teenagers are growing up fast, and that some may be experimenting with alcohol. Both the party celebrant and their parents must make it clear from the get-go that alcohol will not be tolerated at the party.

Tip #2- Regulate your guest list by quantity and quality. Often times it is the "fringe" friends, and not the inner circle, who cause trouble. That is because the inner circle realizes how special this day is, and would never ruin the evening for their friend.

Tip #3- Make it clear that no water bottles will be allowed to the party, as these are probably vodka-waters in disguise! Teenage guests should also not be allowed to leave the building until the party is over.
Tip #4 - If your banquet hall does not require you to utilize one of their security officers, consider hiring a security officer to police the event. Or, have a family member or friend serve as a vigilant chaperone. If anything, their presence may serve as a deterrent.

Tip #5 - Dance styles have evolved, and hip hop-style "bumping and grinding" is popular among some teens. Discuss in advance to what extent you will or will not allow a little bump and grind. Left unchecked, the dance floor could come to resemble a circus freak show that reflects poorly upon the family.

Keep it safe, keep it classy, and you will have an unforgettable Teen Dance Party!

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