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DJ Iron Mike Wins 2011 Ambient DJ Service Quiz

The Ambient DJ Service Annual Quiz is a fun, highly-anticipated event where Ambient DJ's staff members are forced to jog their memory on the year's past events and bountiful blog entries.  Congratulations to DJ Iron Mike for posting the highest score this year and winning a cash prize!   Congrats to Mike as well for being on the verge of celebrating his '5 Year Anniversary' as an Ambient DJ Music Mixologist (DJ).  Shout-out to runner-up, DJ Austin!

DJ Iron Mike Rides to Victory in the 2011 Ambient DJ Quiz!
Here are the questions and answers that Mike successfully navigated.  Perhaps you will learn a new fact or two about out company!  Most of these stories were covered in the 2011 blog.  As you may observe, we work very hard, but also try to have fun along the way!

1) Ambient DJ recently struck up a strategic alliance with which national brand?
  a) Red Bull
  b) Relatainment
  c) David's Bridal
  d) WeddingWire

2) In the maiden installation of "The Ambies" which song took the crown for Top Dance Song of 2011?

  a) Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
  b) Give Me Everything Tonight - Pitbull
  c) I'm a Boss - Rick Ross f/Nicki Minaj
  d) Mr. Saxobeat - Alexandra Stan

3) A superlative party experience at Ambient DJ is known to have met what standard?

  a) The Schmaltz Standard
  b) The Schlitz Standard
  c) The Smauz Standard (Explanation: The Smauz wedding of years past was 'off the chain' and set the standard!)
  d) The Gold Standard

4) Ambient DJ's most financially successful month in history occurred in which month during 2011?
  a) May
  b) June
  c) October
  d) December

5) Which of the following geographic locales did Ambient DJ NOT perform in during 2011?
  a) Brooklyn
  b) Manhattan
  c) Philadelphia
  d) Cape May

6) Ambient DJs' 2011 photo shoot featured all of the below, except for:

  a) freezing temperatures
  b) a hot post-shoot lunch at Panera Bread 
  c) crazy co-eds rocking "the monacle" pose
  d) Gill howling "Oh Yeah" on the Princeton campus
  e) standup comedy by Larry Sargent

Enter the Monacle!
7) Ambient DJs' 2010 holiday party featured which celebrity impersonator:

  a) Rick Ross
  b) Robert DeNiro
  c) Barack Obama
  d) Tony Soprano

8) Which of the following is a key corporate strategy for 2012?

  a) increased emphasis on internet marketing
  b) the establishment of a branch office in Short Hills
  c) a major equipment overhaul and focus on intelligent lighting
  d) the creation of a PhotoBooth segment

9) In 2011, Ambient's Bar & Nightlife segment was coronated:

  a) REG - Renaissance Entertainment Group
  b) PURE - Pure Ambience
  c) AA - Ambient Aesthetics
  d) REL - Relatini's

10) Prince William and Kate Middleton used which of the following songs for their grand entrance at the Royal Wedding?

  a) Pomp & Circumstance - Elgar
  b) Canon in D - Pachelbel
  c) The One - Sir Elton John
  d) I Was Glad - Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry

11)  Match the DJ with the correct fact

1. DJ Larry Sargent (f)   a. owns a trailer
2. DJ Greg Nice (d)       b. DJs wearing a hat.
3.  DJ Iron Mike (e)       c. has a fetish for the color orange
4. DJ Garrett B. (g)        d. drives the same car as Horatio Cane, known for long speeches      
5. DJ Spinzy (c)             e. "the hardest working DJ in Central NJ"
6. DJ Jesse (a)                f.  "Now Dance, that's an Order!"
7.  DJ Austin (b)            g.  blasts dubstep from his whip  

12) In 2011, Ambient DJ Service was featured in all of the following publications EXCEPT FOR:

a) DJ Times Magazine
b) The College of New Jersey Alumni Magazine
c) Mobile Beat Magazine
d) NJDJN Newsletter

13) Tiebreaker - name my favorite club in New York City.  Answer- Cielo for its deep house and dub courtesy of resident DJ Francois K.!

To view the 2010 Holiday Quiz, click here.

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