Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is Video Fusion Karaoke?

Several years ago I coined the term "Video Fusion Karaoke" to refer to a new entertainment service being offered by Ambient DJs.  Fusion refers to a melding of individual components.  So what exactly is Video Fusion Karaoke?

Video Fusion Karaoke is:
    1 part Music Video party
    1 part Karaoke party
    1 part Dance Party, and
    3 parts Excitement!

The genesis of this idea was that since a karaoke DJ is already using a screen (we use high end plasmas), why not use these screens to play current and classic music videos, bringing the music and fashions to life?  Video stimulates the senses and creates a true multi-media experience.  Our software is also able to display custom slides and shout-out popular singers.

The second leg of the stool - karaoke, is an interactive entertainment style beloved by many Americans.  Guests take the main stage and become a star!  Karaoke nights are great fun, but can become dull if the quantity and quality of performances drops.

The third leg of the stool - dance party, means just that.  Guests are encouraged to dance throughout the evening - during a live karaoke performance, or during one of the DJ's karaoke intermission sets where a long string of singers is broken up by playing several high-energy, current dance tunes.  At my weekly residence at Brewster's Pub, guests always look forward to dancing popular line dances such as the Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide.  It is a delight to see a packed Saturday night dance floor - but on a Wednesday night!

Video Fusion Karaoke - at a Wedding!
Of course Video Fusion Karaoke is exciting... it's provocative and really gets the people going!  Depending on the mix of guests on any given night, the proportion of Video, Karaoke, and Dancing can be fine-tuned to the taste of the crowd!

Video Fusion is great for bars, but it also works well for sundry events including corporate parties, Sweet 16s, Community Events and even weddings! 

For those located in Central NJ, please check out my weekly Wednesday Video Fusion Karaoke party at Brewsters Pub in East Windsor.  The set begins at 8 PM, with the real action starting after 10 PM and usually winding down around 1 AM.  Brewsters is located at 529 Route 130 North in East Windsor, NJ - just past the Dairy Queen.  For private party bookings, visit us on the web at www.ambientdj.com and find out why our slogan is "The Art of the Party"!


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