Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 10 Reasons to Join the New Jersey Disc Jockey Network

To those unfamiliar, the New Jersey Disc Jockey Network (NDJN) is a premier disc jockey organization whose membership includes professional DJs primarily from the East Coast.

In David Letterman-style, here are the top 10 reasons that you should consider joining this fine organization!

10. The NJDJN holds regular monthly in-person meetings that include a networking and educational component.  Some members find the meetings so valuable that they travel from out-of-state to attend!

9. Enjoy high-quality educational content to keep your business on the cutting edge.  Recent topics have included "Audio Branding" (Tony Tee Neto), "Social Media Strategies" (Hurricane Productions), "DJ Sales/Marketing Techniques" (Steve Moody), "Mitzvah Production" (Randi Rae), "SEO Strategies" (Steve Cie) and many more!

8. Resident Comedian DJ Mike Wieder is always good for a zinger or two!  He also likes to showcase his latest gadgets.

7.  Be part of a prestigious and fast-growing organization.  President-elect Steve Cie and VP Chris Atwood have ambitious plans, continuing the tradition of excellence of outgoing President Jake Jacobsen.

6. Strike up a casual conversation and pick the brains of any one of the "heavy hitter" members of the NJDJN who run some of the top mobile DJ companies in the country.

5. Enjoy exclusive NJDJN discounts on an array of DJ gear and business services.

4. Make lifelong friends and enjoy social outings such as last year's Halloween group trip to a haunted penitentiary!

3.  Earn more money by generating referrals or promoting your value-added services.  While it seems counter-intuitive, DJs regularly generate income from other DJs!

2.  The diner food in Edison is outstanding!  Many members gather for a pre-meeting dinner at the Skylark Diner on Route 1, about five minutes away from the Crowne Plaza.

1.  Invest in yourself and the future of your business!  The Annual Membership Fee, currently $150, is a pittance relative to the benefits that you will derive.  The NJDJN is a very inexpensive form of continuing education.

Ambient DJ Service joined the NJDJN some three years ago, inspired by the many successful individuals in the organization.  It's been said that if you hang out with dogs, you get fleas.  However, if you surround yourself with the "top dogs" of the NJDJN, you will be inspired to take your business to levels that you never dreamed possible!

The organization typically meets the second Tuesday evening of each month at the centrally-located Crowne Plaza in Edison, NJ.  Tomorrow night's meeting (Tuesday January 10, 2011) is a Mini-Expo followed by a presentation on "Audio Branding" by Tony Tee Neto.  Also, enjoy a live performance by Party Percussionist John Donovan from 6:30 PM!

To learn more about the NJDJN and view the current membership, visit its website  


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